1. Purpose:
Living Link Realty is committed to protecting its clients, agents as well as their personnel against exposure to the Covid-19 virus whilst the virus is considered to be presenting a risk of infecting persons in accordance with the risk strategy adopted by the government of the Republic of South Africa. As such, Living Link Realty has adopted this policy to minimise the risk of contact with the Covid-19 during the listing of properties.

2. Scope:
For the protection of persons during the listing of properties, all Living Link Realty personnel or sub-tenants renting any part of any living Link office will comply with the procedures and work instructions that follow in this policy document. This policy document will apply to all Living Link offices and store rooms, be it formal facilities or home offices. It is accepted that, where a store room is integral to an office that all precautions taken when entering the office will be deemed to have been taken before entering the store room.

3. Application:
This policy will come in effect on 1 June 2020 and will remain in effect until, in accordance with the risk strategy adopted by the government of the Republic of South Africa, the spread of the virus no longer poses a significant risk to persons.

4. Reference to Singular, Plural, Male, Female:
For the purpose of this document where reference is made to the singular, this will apply equally to the plural and where reference is made to one gender, this will equally apply to the other gender.

5. General Requirements for the Protection of Persons:

6. Procedures and Work Instructions:
6.1 Requirements before persons may enter an office or store room:

6.2 Record keeping:
As it is critical that all parties can be traced should it be required as a result of possible exposure to the Covid-19 virus, it is required that comprehensive records are kept of parties who were present in any Living Link office or store room.
These records will include, as a minimum, the following information of the person responsible for the group attending the listing or of the person with whom the listing was arranged:

For the duration of the Covid-19 virus at-risk period, such records will be kept on file in the relevant office.

6.3 Additional Requirements for members of Staff:

6.4 Requirements at the end of a working day (before locking the office or store room):

Note: Clients may retain their face masks but no face mask may be retained by any member of staff for re-use by another person under any circumstances.
Place filled pages of the client entrance on file.

See latest COVID-19 updates on government website